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This body of work has preoccupied me for the past 25 years, since shortly after moving to South Carolina. In that time outsourcing has reduced the textile industry, of course. My interest has been in making work that reflects the impact that this industry has had on individual people, as well as the culture of the state. The text has been derived from interviews. The pictures were either original images I made or borrowed family photographs, and scanned artifacts I have saved while traveling the Upper Piedmont.


Supervisor's log', archival pigment prints, 80x80"

'Sewing/Saving', Cibachrome prints, 80"x80"

'Arcade Mill', Cibachrome prints, 80"x80"

'Bea Norton', Cibachrome prints, 80"x80"

'Recent news', archival pigment prints, 80"x80"

'Cotton mill mathematics', archival pigment prints, 80"x80"

'Barney Nichols, The Bleachery, Rock Hill', archival pigment print, 15"x10"

'Cotton farmers, Hartsville', archival pigment print, 16"x20"

'Fort Mill portrait', silver gelatin print, 12"x12"

'A Better Day', Cibachrome print, 16"x20"

'Dewey Edwards, Manette Mills, Lando', archival pigment print, 18"x16"

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