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7 Mile Road, Detroit

Experiencing the expansiveness of America for the first time, and living close by ‘Motor City’, I made this series of 20 works as a personal creative response to my arrival in America. Using a 5x7” view camera, swung through approximately 120 degrees on the tripod, I produced contact prints that were mounted edge-to-edge on metal sheet cut from car hoods and trunks found in salvage yards. Each composition was made at an intersection along the road, from farmland in the west, through the industrial areas, to the affluent residential neighborhoods of Grosse Pointe at the road's eastern end.

'Phoenix', silver gelatin prints on metal, 20"x30"

'Omni', silver gelatin prints on metal, 20"x30"

'Sunderland', toned silver gelatin prints on rubber tire, 20"x30"

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