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This series was made over several years in the 1980's as I returned home and began to realize the specific qualities that constituted my origins. It was primarily shot on color negative film using a 4x5” view camera, recently rescanned and reprinted.

15.tanker bruce.jpg

'Tanker Bruce, St. Andrews', archival pigment print, 20"x15.7" (50.8x40.0cm)

''Diane Clunie, Newport', archival pigment print, 20"x15.5" (50.8x39.4cm)

'Farmworker, Cockburnspath', archival pigment print, 15.5"x20" (39.4x50.8cm)

Lamberton sheep farmers.jpg

'Lamberton sheep farmers', archival pigment print, 20"x15.8" (50.8x40.1cm)

Pete Cura, Cupar .jpg

'Pete Cura, Strathkinness', archival pigment print, 20"x16" (50.8x40.6cm)


'Slaughterhouse, St. Andrews', archival pigment print, 20"x16" (50.8x40.6cm)

'Muras Cottage, Spittal', archival pigment print, 16"x20" (40.6x50.8cm)

'Tweedmouth harbour', archival pigment print, 10"x15" (25.4x38.1cm)

'Farmworkers, East Barns', dye-transfer print, 20"x16" (50.8x40.6cm)

Short's Mill, Tweedmouth.jpg

'Short's Mill, Tweedmouth', archival pigment print, 20"x15.8" (50.8x40.1cm)

Propeller, Cockburnspath.jpg

'Port Seton', archival pigment print, 20"x15.8" (50.8x40.1cm)

Roguers, Pentcaitland.jpg

'Roguers, Pencaitland', archival pigment print, 15.7"x20 (40.0x50.8cm) 


Navigation poles, Spittal.jpg

'Navigation poles, Tweedmouth', archival pigment print, 20"x15.8" (50.8x40.1cm)

Dunbar swimming pool.jpg

'Dunbar swimming pool', archival pigment print, 16"x19" (40.6x48.3cm)


'Burntisland', archival pigment print, 20"x15" (50.8x38.1cm)

Dunbar painter.jpg

'Dunbar painter', archival pigment print, 19"x15" (48.3x38.1cm)

Brian Moody, Eyemouth boatyard.jpg

'Brian Moody, Eyemouth boatyard', archival pigment print, 20.5"x16" (52.0x40.6cm)

Port Seton fishmonger.jpg

'Fishmonger, Port Seton', archival pigment print, 20"x16" (50.8x40.6cm)

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